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Shadow of the Colossus, PS2 
17th-Apr-2006 06:37 pm
Shadow of the Collossus
A Videogame for the PS2

I stick my sword in the air, as the light reflects at the huge cliff face. I dismount my trust steed (named Agro, which I find cool), and I climb up the rigorous cliff. As soon as I reach the top, the ground vibrates, and I hear huge thumping. Then out of nowhere this huge leg enters by view and crashes into the floor. The camera looks up as I see what must be the biggest monster I've ever seen in a computer game.

This is Shadow of the Collossus, one of the most interesting games I've put into my trusty PS2. What is Shadow of the Collosus?

It's like Zelda, but with no monsters except for the bosses. Then multiply the bosses' size by about 10 to 100. You, (named Wanda, which I do NOT find cool, since you are actually a bloke) have to kill not one, but SIXTEEN of these big huge collossi, in hope of raising your love back from the dead. You have to first find the bosses, by riding on your horse through varying environments, finding the bosses, figuring out how to kill the boss, and the tricky part which is actually killing the damn thing. Remember that it's about a hundred times the size of you, so it is easier said than done.

It's an average game. No more, no less. It has pros that would make it amazing but flaws that make it what it is.

Travelling through the world by your horse is nothing less than breath taking, as gallop through endless landscapes of deserts, lush fields, or marshy swamps. It's a fantastic world Sony have created, one that could probably contend against Zelda's.

And then there's the Collossus, the stars of the show. I must have cursed out loud six times when I saw the first one, the scale of the bastards are huge. For an example, the first Collossus' (which isn't the biggest) left foot is twice the size of you. But this, is where the game's downfall comes in. It's a repetitive business. This is how it works:

Find Collossi. Work out how to get on Collossi. Stab Collossi in obvious places like the head (which is made even more obvious by a blue light of a marker to show you where it's weak spots are) a few times, watch it fall, move onto the next Collossi.

The probably hardest challenge is working on how to get on the Collossi. They're all usually hairy buggers, so you can grab and hold on for your dear life. But what if you can't reach their hairs (ooh, Matt you dirty thing you)? You have to work out, whether it's shooting it in the foot/legs or whatever. But once you've worked it out and managed to do it, it's a bit like child's play then.

You just have to hold on and stab it in the head. And it pains me to say that it's a bit boring after that because this is game with a lot of promise.

I've asked myself this, why the hell can't the Collossi defend itself once you're on it's back/head/whatever. All it does s shakes it's body like a 60s disco fever man for a little bit, but that's it. For a 100 foot monster, it sure is pathetic.

And another problem is how short the game is. There are 16 monsters in the game. It wouldn't be too bad if it took an hour to kill them all. But no. It took me 2 hours and 40 minutes to kill 10 of them. 10/16. So, let's use Maths here. 160 minutes to kill 10 of them. That's 16 minutes per monster, on average. If the rest took me that long, that's 256 minutes of game time, which is: 4 hours and 16 minutes.

That is too short for any game. £29.99 for 4 and 16 minutes... that's 11.7p for a minute of playing this game, that's just as expensive as ringing up someone from South Africa, and more expensive then pornography.

To be honest though, this game doesn't deserve so much bitching. It's a breath of fresh air, it tries to be different. If the world that the game is set in and the monsters were the bosses of a Zelda-like game, it would be amazing, it would be mind-blowing. But like this, you have to have some serious thought if you'd rather spend 4 hours and 16 minutes playing this game or ringing your South African aunt.

Nickelpants Kick-ass score= 63%
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